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GENERG – Nature Photographer the Year. The year 2016 saw the first ever edition of competition GENERG – Nature Photographer The Year. The winners are announced of January in first day International Photography Festival – CinclusFest in Portugal. It 2nd prize in category Plants with as image of old Chestnut tree with more that 700 years old, part to Gigantes da Floresta Project. You can check all the other winning images here.
National Geographic Portugal – Article about Jurassic beach. October 2014 – National Geographic Portugal published another article of mine about a Jurassic beach with 170 million years. Fantastic fossils their found here, over 100, and also fossilized ocean ripples make unique combination for paleontology. To create that images, had move fast to images before the real fossils were removed by authorities. Working at night and around the clock, I had only few hours it.
National Geographic Portugal – Article about rare wild flower. June 2014 – National Geographic Portugal published small article mine about extremely rare plant endemic of Portugal. Are no more that 50 of wild and as able to photograph it last remaining locations have meet you neighbours style call attention, their species Leuzea longifolia.